226 Laws and Orders are NOT FICTION part 3

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  • 210 | Published: 22/09/26 [ Part ONE ]
  • 225 | Published: 22/09/26 [ Part TWO ]
  • 226 | Published: 22/09/26 [ Part THREE ]

REGARDS TO THE REMARK in 225: Captain Obvious. “Some of those are trainers.” Because clearly Military Aircraft never train.

Derek Johnson Takes Captain Obvious for a walk to the Wood Shed

POINT: Two, you’re also saying those who did not serve in the Military and not a Veteran are incapable of researching, reading, thinking, processing, & comprehending… cannot and does not know anything of those information sources above.

You’re also misleading people, which are why you are trolls and bots… you’re paid to do so, or you’re just completely incapable of handling massive loads of information in which people like me can and are trusted to handle, which are why you look like fools having to show your ignorance in the comment boxes hoping to pull a few on the fence over to a place where you have ZERO platform to your small friends list.

You also exemplify the BS scums and parasites of the Earth that President Trump has to deal with in Press Conferences and Courts, while he should be focused on his role, duty, and the American people, but that’s just it… you’re nothing but evil scums, worms, and parasites, but we have something for you. Making your foolish comments, only reveals yourself to those who need to know you’re not trustworthy. #TheArtOfWar

President Trump declared 3 National Emergencies in 2018 and 2020, that Congress failed to address which is a violation of Federal Law via the Constitution, which is why 35,000 plus National Guard members went to D.C. and placed fences around the capitol building which is actually 47 US Code 606, titled War Powers of the President that specifically says, “can shut down the use of Government Facilities.”

47 US Code 606: READ HERE

National Guard out of their States and U.S. means they were Federalized, plain and simple. Not to mention, BUT to mention, they’re called NATIONAL guard for a reason 😂 When they are Federalized… they bump up to ACTIVE Duty. Sheesh.

Are you smarter than a 3rd grader? #MakeReadingGreatAgain 

All 50 states of the National Guard have been activated since January 2021.

Plus, and first, Articles II & IV of the Constitution outline the President’s duties, and with Congress not doing their job which was a National Security Breach not addressing 3 National Emergencies declared by the President, via Executive Orders 13848, 13919, Title 10, 47 US Code 606, the Stafford Act, the Presidential Emergencies Act, a PEAD (for COG) on Nov 3, 2020, all extended President Trumps powers as President in January 2021. Same as FDR serving 13 years as President due to many of the same powers as President.

If you don’t know the ORIGIN of the Operation… your comments such as those above are limited, baseless and bland with zero foundation. In layman’s terms, you’re grasping for straws.

Many comments such as those blowhards prove “all wind, no sail.”

Also, for those of you out there who aren’t Veterans, you’re perfectly capable of understanding Laws, Orders, Regulations, Codes, Symbols, Operations, because they’re public information which are why we are a Nation of Laws and Orders and Systems.

There’s a blueprint and you must read and research; everything is open to the public, via Laws and Orders. I cannot make you read. But by God, if I could… ☠️🇺🇸

Original Telegram Posts: 210 | 225 | 226

[ Part ONE | Part TWO | Part THREE ]

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