210 Laws and Orders are NOT FICTION part 1

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  • 210 | Published: 22/09/26 [ Part ONE ]
  • 225 | Published: 22/09/26 [ Part TWO ]
  • 226 | Published: 22/09/26 [ Part THREE ]

According; some new trolls, Laws and Orders are “Fiction”. DJ Published 2022 SEP 26

Imagine that…

I wonder how these families feel about the Military Law that’s activating these National Guard to ACTIVE DUTY which is called Federalizing… which ONLY the President can do

Where’s the words “President, Biden, and President Biden” in these articles from two days ago?

Ohhhhhh that’s right, under Articles II & Article IV of the CONSTITUTION outline the Presidents role and duty… And because of those, President Trump extended his power as President when:

Executive Order 13919,

TITLE 10—ARMED FORCES Original Source view Download Copy: Original Source PDF
A. General Military Law
B. Army
C. Navy and Marine Corps
D. Air Force and Space Force
E. Reserve Components

TITLE 32 — NATIONAL GUARD Original Source view | Download Copy: Original Source PDF
Chap. 1. Organization
Chap. 3. Personnel
Chap. 5. Training
Chap. 7 Service, Supply, and Procurement
Chap. 9. Homeland Defense Activities

Stafford Act FEMA

Presidential Emergencies Act

Original Telegram Posts: 210 | 225 | 226

[ Part ONE | Part TWO | Part THREE ]

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